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Holding deposit (£250 + £250):

A Holding Deposit is paid to demonstrate your commitment to your offer and the proposed tenancy. £250 is payable at the point the offer is made, and a further £250 when your offer is accepted.

If your offer is rejected by the Landlord the first £250 will be immediately refunded to you.

If the Landlord withdraws from the proposed tenancy for any reason at any time, the funds will be returned to you in full less the cost of the administration fee.

No other tenancy applications will be accepted while the property is being held for you.

If you withdraw from the tenancy after any part of the holding deposit is received, the monies will be forfeited in full.

If you fail referencing the monies will be forfeited in full.

After your offer has been accepted and the tenancy agreement is signed the deposit will be refunded as part of the rental fee for the first month.


Administration Fee (£204 per person)

The administration fee will cover the compilation of the tenancy agreement which will be issued online for digital signing, right to rent checks, protecting your security deposit.

If you withdraw from the proposed tenancy, the administration fee will be deducted from the deposit.


Express Move in Fee (£90)

This fee will be charged if you request a move within less than 5 business days of receiving the second payment of £ 250. It will be a priority over other applications which will be delayed.


Renewal Fee (£100)

These are the costs of preparing a new lease and negotiating with your landlord for another period. The extension of your rental, if agreed by your landlord, gives you the assurance that you will be staying at the property for an additional period of time, and avoids the uncertainty that a landlord will terminate at any time.


Guarantor Referencing fee (£35)

Depending on the outcome of your application from the referencing company, you can provide a guarantor based on your earnings or your financial situation. This is not unusual and means that you have someone on your behalf who will refer you to ensure that you have enough income to cover the entire rental obligations if you as a tenant are unable to pay your rent. This fee is payable to each guarantor to cover the referencing costs and to issue a guarantee agreement as part of the tenancy agreement, in which their obligations as guarantor are listed.


Amendments & Special Tenancy Conditions  (£25)

If you require a guarantor or the landlord agrees that pets can be accommodated at the property, the standard rental agreement will require special terms and conditions for which this fee will be charged. This fee is also charged if you want to change the agreed terms of the tenancy, as the papers must be changed and re-produced.


Addendum (£60)

This may be applicable if a change to the lease in the form of an amendment, addendum, additional disclaimer or special condition is required. This may be due to a request from you or due to your personal circumstances, which requires additional support in the contract documentation.


Copy Documents Fee & Misc letter for Tenant breach (£30)

If you require copying documents of those already provided, a fee will be payable. In this event that we have to write to warn you of a breach of the tenancy, a fee will also be charged.


Rent Arrears (£25 per 7 day letter plus interest on overdue rent at 4% above the Bank of England base rate plus any associated legal costs)

This fee covers the charges and administrative costs if a rental payment is late and the rent cannot be processed and letters must be sent. Standing orders are beyond our control, so it is important that you verify with your bank well in advance of the due date of the rent that the standing order exists and that funds are available to pay the rent. You must also cancel the standing order with your bank immediately after the end of the rental period, after the last rental fee has been paid, as we are unable to do so. This fee is payable each time a rental payment is 7 days overdue or a multiple of 7 days overdue.


End of Tenancy Cleaning (£180 to £500, depending on property size)

Rosewood estates commissioned a professional cleaning service to clean the apartment after the moving out. The cost of cleaning depends on the size of the apartment.


Inventory Check Out (£168 – £282, depending on property size)

Rosewood Estates produces an inventory/check in for the property at the cost of the Landlord via an independent inventory clerk prior to the commencement of the tenancy. You will be liable for a check out fee when the independent inventory clerk carries out their inspection at the end of the tenancy. The check-out report forms an essential part of the procedure in the release of your security deposit.


End of Tenancy Reference Request Fee (£30)

If you wish to vacate the property you are renting and apply to another rental agent, Rosewood Estates will ask you to provide written notice of how to arrange the lease. This fee is to produce and send.


Tenant Changeover Fee (£324)

If one of the tenants leaves the rental property and replace themselves with a new tenant, our letting department must re-organize most of the previous tenant management, organize the release and registration of the deposits, new leases to all parties, and referencing of the incoming tenant.


Contractor Cancellation Fee (£60)

If arrangements are made with you or any other tenants to provide access to an employee of Rosewood estates with a contractor, or a contractor directly with keys or direct at the property, then the cancellation fee will be charged if these arrangements are cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment due to take place, or if access to the property is denied for whatever reason.

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