Guide to selling

Learn how we can help you market and sell your property

Selling your property with Rosewood Estates

This is our very own step by step guide to help you when you want to sell your property. There is a lot to consider and with our process, we ensure that you don’t miss a trick. 


Check out our timeline below and if you have any questions at the end just click the ‘get in touch’ button.

Step 1: Acquire valuation

Your aim should be to sell your property at the best possible price in the shortest possible time. Our review team will advise you on the best prices for your property, take colour photographs, record all important sales features of your home and take measurements.

Step 2: Selecting an estate agent

When choosing an estate agent, consider the opening hours, when they will be available to make visits, what presence they have and what type of marketing your property should receive. These are crucial for the maximum exposure and the price of your property.


You should also check to see if your agent will organize your government-required Energy Performance Certificate on your behalf, or if you need to organize it yourself. You must have commissioned an EPC before your property can be marketed.

Step 3: Hire a solicitor

You will need to decide who will do your conveyancing. Conveyancing is the term used to describe the legal process you must go through when buying or selling a home. Conveyancing can be done by a solicitor or a licenced Solicitor. Find out what their fees are and what other legal costs are involved and when these are payable.

Step 4: Prepare your home

We can help you prepare your home by offering advice or access to approved maintenance companies. We are very happy to accompany anyone who wants to see your home.


In order to give the best first impression to the buyers, we recommend that you arrange, clean up and clean the apartment and look at it with strangers eyes, so hide everything you do not want to see.

Step 5: Marketing and viewing

Before you decide on an agent, you should find out how they market their real estate. Do they use photography that represents their properties in the best light? Do they advertise in local newspapers? Visit the website and see how the real estate is advertised online.



If you decide to host the view yourself, do not forget to highlight all the good points that are not immediately obvious, such as friendly neighbours, south facing gardens and built-in storage rooms. The first impression really counts when potential buyers see your property. Rosewood Estates can take shoppers with you for your sightseeing or, if you prefer, you can guide the shoppers in your own home for a personal touch.

Step 6: Negotiation

Your broker will take over the negotiations between you and the buyer. It is important that you consider how much you would be willing to accept if a buyer offers a price that differs from the offer price, especially if it affects the amount you can borrow for the mortgage on your next home.



The position of the buyer can also influence your decision. It should take into account the position and the ability of the buyer, together with the offered price and how they fit your requirements, whether they pay cash, whether they already have a basic mortgage, whether they are buyers for the first time among other things. Whatever happens, you should never feel pressured to accept an offer that you are not satisfied with.

Step 7: Accepting an offer

Once the final offer is accepted, Rosewood Estates will contact your lawyer who will set the wheels in motion for the sale to take place. The buyer will also instruct their lender to value the property so that they can complete their mortgage offer. You can also order a survey or home report here.

Step 8: Sign and exchange contracts

Once the contracts have been signed, the buyer’s deposit (usually 5 – 10% of the property price) will be sent to the seller’s carrier along with the signed contract. This is known as an exchange of contracts. You are now legally bound to buy/sell and cannot withdraw without loss. Once the contracts have been exchanged, it is time to move on to be ready.

Step 9: Completion

On the day of completion your money will be transferred and your buyer can move into his new house. Before you go, remember to take meter readings and divert your mail. We advise you to leave some notes to the new owner to explain how things work and where to find the basics, such as the boiler switch, they are certainly worthy of appreciation (which can be helpful in forwarding your mail).

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